Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Equality (contd.) Castes

In this post I'll be talking about the caste system so prevalent in India..

The caste system when it was started it had a meaning of its own.. But the concept was soon forgotten.. I have discussed that in my previous blog post..

But soon the so called Brahmins began to think that they were superior than the other castes. They mistreated the other so called lower castes. And not just Brahmins. A hierarchy of the castes were made, with Brahmins at the top most positions in the society, followed by Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras.. The Shudras were considered Untouchables by the so-called higher castes!!

Repressed for so long the lower castes hit back.. Now they are given RESERVATIONS by the Brahmin elites!! And the lower castes are happy about it! But I ask, does that change anything!!?? The arrogant Brahmins still think that they are better of as they are somehow nearer to God or something.. Inter-caste marriages are still a nightmare in India? Why?

As I said before, RESERVATIONS are the most hypocritical way of saying "We are Equal".. Giving reservations is just a method of filling vote banks.. THAT'S IT!! It's just a way of the so-called higher caste clearing their conscience.. It doesn't bridge the gap.. It's just widening it. Rather it's cyclical! Let me explain how.

There was a time when the higher castes used to enjoy all the privileges in the society. And that was irrespective of whether they were worth it or not.. Now their guilt has made them promote reservation for the lower castes. Now the reservations have become so dominant (in some places), that right now higher castes have become minorities. They are now suffering what the lower caste had suffered before.. I see less worthy people getting to better places than worthier people just because they are so-called lower caste and have reservations. This obviously infuriates the higher castes.. This rage will build up eventually.. And this is definitely not healthy for the society.

I have met some people of so-called lower caste who actually deserve the reservations.. And then I again I have met those, who don't.

Does reservation of caste solve problems? NO! if government HAS to uplift the lower caste, they should uplift the POOR- people who are economically low!! Reservation for caste has no logic!! There are well-to-do lower castes who pay 500 for some things while poor higher castes are paying 1000 for the same! Is this justice?

How can you solve this?

2 things: 1) Education and 2) Reservations to the right population

We need to educate people that caste system is of the bygone era. It has no relevance as of today! The so-called higher caste should let go of their arrogance.. Renounce their "higher powers". Inter-caste marriages shouldn’t be a taboo! And caste system should go, once and for all!

Reservations should be given to the people who are BPL (Below Poverty Line).. And not just reservations.. They should be given privileges too (which I am happy too see, are given to some extent).. Reservations shouldn't be a "Familial" thing, but a "Situational/Socio-economical" thing, i.e. one shouldn't be entitled to a reservation or additional privileges because of their name (thus describing them to a particular caste), but because of their socio-economic status, because of their being underprivileged. So that when they become better of and are no more underprivileged, they should no more be entitled to Reservations or additional Privileges.

Maybe then we can truly say "We are Equal"!

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