Friday, September 28, 2012


Dreams have always been mysterious.. Some say they are just fairy tales without apparent logic; some say it tells about our past; some say it tells about our future; some say it tells about our present; and then some don’t say at all.. I have seen dreams vary from person to person. And then they make their own concept about what they see.. But some things are common..

Dreams have always intrigued me.. The way the brain works.. All the mysteries.. It's all so alluring.. My interest in psyche and psychology has been from childhood.. Isn’t it fascinating?! As a child I used to wonder why I dreamt what I dreamt.. Some dreams were recurrent.. Most didn't make any sense!!

As I grew up I did some reading, not much of a research you could say; just light reading.. And I was fascinated all the more! The other day I started reading "The Interpretation of Dreams" by Sigmund Freud. But I just started.. :P I was soon reminded that I had my whole life for reading such books, as for now I needed to concentrate on my academics! Yeah, right! You hear that so often, right!?? Lol :D .. Anyhow!

In a documentary I came to know that sometimes you dream about your work. Your mind perfects yourself when you sleep and dream. It's said, anyhow, that REM (rapid eye movement) sleep is needed for consolidation of memory, mostly the memory of skill. You don’t believe all these humbug till you actually see it, do you?

But then it hits you like an epiphany! It's not that you don't see; you just don't realize! I remember while I was posted in Medicine ward and was assigned to take innumerable blood samples of all the patients that the world could offer, I ended up having dreams wherein I saw myself taking blood samples from all the patients that the world could NOT offer! :D Unless you realize it, you'd say, "Man I'm so vexed doing this stupid work, that I even see it in my dreams now! How pathetic!" But when you realize, you understand that after that dream you actually became good at it.. You understand that you have been practicing it in your dreams! Amazing how the mind works! I poked so many careless needless into virtual patients in my dreams, only to make me good enough to do careful poking on the real ones! :D

But then some dreams are not related to work.. You cannot place the dream.. And if anyone asks you what you saw, you have no answer! Because it's not what you saw that mattered! It was what you felt!! That feeling.. That old familiar feeling.. That sways you. And it's stuck with you even when you are awake! Maybe your conscious and logical mind tells you, "C'mon! it was just a dream, not real", you can’t reason with yourself at times, can you? You are stuck with that "feeling"! Could be good, could be bad. As they say, dreams open the door to your subconscious mind. All those feelings of guilt, hatred, love, sadness, longing, etc. just comes out like that and gets you right there.

I used to listen to dreams of my friends. I had this idea of a dream. An analogy. I never came across such an analogy at the time I made it, so it was interesting how I made it.. :P And I am here to share. Our brain's a kitchen! And everything we see from day to day consists of all the ingredients we need, even sometimes without our realizing it. Now when you sleep, your subconscious mind comes to life with all the ingredients it has, and it being the chef, of course! It starts cooking and offers it to you.. And it's a wonderful chef with an uncanny sense of humor. It may take visual data from some and feelings data from some and mix it into a nice dish. That's when you wake up seeing that you had gone on a date with some lovely movie actress (say Kate Winslet) whom have u seen a nice romantic movie (say Titanic) or being bashed by your most feared villain (say Amrish Puri) for not doing your homework. :D Though at time your chef actually takes proper ingredient with proper feelings and makes them so real, that at times you can't tell apart dream from reality. Isn't it? :) So, as I used to listen to the dreams of my friends, I used to ask them questions, and always found some link or the other.. But you may still ask WHY?? Why dream some things at some times and some at other. I guess some do have answers, while some don't. I want to know so much more about dreams, don't you? Readers, you are free to comment with suggestions of some good books or documentaries that you might have come across.. :) I'd go through them when I'm done with "academics" :-\.. :D Thank you for reading. :) See you soon. :)

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