Tuesday, January 15, 2013

NEET- the only exam.. Or not?

One India One Exam

NEET was started with the concept of introducing one standard exam for whole of India for medical students.. NEET-UG for getting into MBBS course.. NEET-PG for specialization and NEET-SS for super specialization..

This post is about NEET-PG.

Although NEET-PG was started to eliminate all state exams, but now its hanging in mid air.. Before NEET-PG, AIPGMEE was there to give entrance to all government colleges throughout India. But not all the seats.. A percentage of the total seats per college.. The rest of the seats were given through the State PG exams.. And for the private colleges there were other exams..

But then corruption started creeping in, and to eliminate these corruptive behavior NEET was started.. NEET-PG would be one standard exam that would give an all India rank and state rank.. And you could chose the college according to your all India rank or State rank..

Many minor colleges stated that their students had a different syllabus and their students would have difficulty in competing with all India standard! (WHAT!!!???) So, they went to Supreme court and told them that they wanted to keep taking state exams.. Supreme court has given permission to all state governments to take exams but has asked them to withheld the results.. 15-17 January Supreme court will hear the case and give the verdict..

So, what's going on?

If court rules in favor of the state government, then NEET will become like AIPGMEE.. And state government will be free to take their exams..

What’s the disadvantage?

Consider my state-- Madhya Pradesh.. And consider the state exam taken by VYAPAM.. It's the most corrupt exam taking body that the Earth could ever come across perhaps.. Ranks are sold.. Seats are sold.. Kids with political or monetary support get good departments/ranks, while hard working general students with no such support or "source" are thrown into the gutter.. That is the level of corruption.. MGM Medical College, Indore has gone into strike.. And so has other Medical colleges in MP..

I call respected Aamir Khan now.. Now do you know why the number of negligent cases has increased? It happens when people  get good ranks because of "source" and not merit… this is outrageous!

I don't ask for one country one exam if it's problem to some students, but I ask for a corruption less examining body.. This country needs more doctors, but good doctors.. It's not just quantity, but quality, too..

Let there be peace, and justice..

Some photos including articles and pictures of strike by medical students on facebook, click here.

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