Friday, May 10, 2013

Zero momentum, Infinite Mass

Important: This post was based on a news that verdict has been delayed till 2nd July. Chances are that these were rumours. If it is confirmed that the news was a rumour and that results will be declared by next week, this post will be deleted. Thank you. [update: 10th May 6:00 p.m. IST]

It makes you wonder, the level of incompetency of an institution.

90,000 doctors (approximately) have given this "Dream Exam" called the National-Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for post graduates, aka NEET-PG. "Dream Exam", because it promised the students something that was a rarity before  it -- transparency and standardization.

The predecessor of this exam was known as AIPGMEE and had been scheduled every year around 1st week of January. NEET-PG, on the other hand, was rescheduled to November, i.e. 2 months earlier. This was nothing short of a harassment to the hard working medical students, who had to re-plan their study schedules to the new timetable!!

But our woes didn't end there. Soon after the exams, a case was filed against the NEET and the result were postponed indefinitely. The results were due on 27th January 2013, and it's been over 3 months since. The case still remains short of a verdict! And a torturous 3 months it has been for the medical students. And now that all the hearings are over, word is out that verdict will be on 2nd July 2013!!! Why? Because Honorable Supreme court didn't take up the case on 9th or 10th May, as had been predicted, and now the court goes for a summer vacation! Seriously!!?? I, a humble medical student of this Incredible country, want to ask you Honorable Supreme court, where exactly is the "Honor" in this? "Justice delayed is justice denied" is not a cliché but a sad truth in this case!

Medical students across the country staged protests for stopping other State exams and saving the NEET. #SaveNEETPG was trended on twitter to create awareness of the issue. Numerous petition were written and signed on the internet. The case that wasn't being covered by the mainstream media, started getting attention! And there was a glimmer of hope that the verdict would arrive before the court went for the summer vacation. Even the declaration of results of DNB kindled some hope that NEET results were round the corner! But we were all deceived! The case wasn't taken up on 9th or 10th May. Pleas for interim orders were made. But the Hon'ble CJI  "refused to give interim orders on NEET-PG and the plea was rejected and announced that NEET-PG/UG final verdict will be delivered only on JULY 2,2013"!

What does the court expect us to do till then? Wait? With an abysmal Doctor-patient ratio of 1:1953, the court plans to handicap the country's hospitals by depriving them of 90000 doctors!?? Aren't the "Hon'ble" Supreme court and the "Hon'ble" CJI aware of the way they are incapacitating an already handicapped Health care system of the country!? Do these delays in verdict have any well-educated logical reasoning? Or, is it just incompetence? Summer Vacation? Is this a joke? Because it's definitely not funny. I trust the Court will come up with a good judgment, but I beg them, pray tell the reason for this unwanted, infuriating delay?

Cases in the Supreme courts are moving slower than snail speed, or not moving at all. And all the petitions and pleas, etc. are not even affecting the pace at which these proceedings are taking place! It seems like Supreme court has zero momentum, and an infinite mass!!

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